Velumi was born out of the trials and tribulations of running a web studio, making us every digital agency´s best possible hosting partner.

No more hiding behind the screens

In the early stage of developing Velumi we decided to work on a daily basis to become every digital agency´s best possible hosting partner.

We knew we had to create a platform which, for real, easing the workflow for developers and also benefited the rest of the agency’s team. Benefits like automatic revenue share, monitoring and a smooth billing function with multiple choices are all included. And we didn’t forget about the hosting customers, our hosting is fast, lightning fast.

Since 2015 we’ve been hiding behind the screens to build the best possible hosting solution for agencies out there and now, 2018, we’re proud to be live. The Velumi team continuously developing the platform to keep up with the demands of tomorrow. If you run an agency or working as an developer – get in touch and we’ll show you how it works!

Velumi Lanched

By Developers
For Developers

of Customers

Our history so far

  • 2009–17

    The founders of Velumi started an online marketing and development company in the Nordics. Growing the business to become one of the more appreciated companies in the industry with ~20 employees and an annual revenue of aprox. 20msek.

  • 2015

    Launched Velumi for our own clients in the agency mentioned above. In the pace of our clients (and Google) demands of faster and more stable hosting solutions we created the first version av The Velumi Platform. We did it to help our developers with setting up, developing and launching new client projects with an ease. We made it so easy that even non-developers could launch or manage a new website.

  • 2017–18

    Rebuilt the Velumi Platform from scratch to create an fully scalable version. To be able to help other agencies (many of them) gaining the power of lightning fast hosting and development we had to build a more sustainable version that we are proud to be offering today.

  • 2018

    The BIG launch of the new Velumi Platform and several new agencies becoming Velumi Partners. Developing new features and working close with our agency clients and their developers to continue the development of the best hosting platform for agencies ever.


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