We have been in the WordPress business for while and we are always adding new features to stay on and we are always adding new features to stay on point to deliver the best WordPress Hosting out there.

Lightning fast

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Our technology partner for the delivery of lightning fast wordpress hosting.

  • PHP 7.4

    We keep our technology stack updated with the latest version of PHP.

  • CloudSQL

    Modern and cloud-based database solution for Wordpress.

  • Docker Kubernetes

    Own resources for each website managed by revolutionary infrastructure.

Highly secure

  • Uptime checks

    Check every 30 seconds to make sure your site is always online.

  • SSL Certificate

    Protect your website with a free SSL certificate.

  • Cloud Armor

    Protection and surveillance against blah. SQL injection and XSS.

  • DDoS-skydd

    We monitor and take measures to maintain the highest level of security.

Lightning fast & secure Wordpress hosting

We have combined the latest and greatest technology in the market to create a lightning fast, secure and cloud based hosting solution for Wordpress.

Optimized for Wordpress

Velumi´s hosting is built for WordPress, therefore we can offer a solution that cannot be compared to classic or general web hosting.

SSD Disks, the latest version of PHP and NGINX are some of the components of our hosting solution that make it extremely fast.

Daily / Hourly backups

Backups are done every night, or every hour, and we save the backups up to 30 days. The backups can easily be restored with a push of a button in the platform.

With our addition “Hourly Backups“, backups are taken every hour. Hourly backups are always included in the WordPress Pro package.

Uptime checks

We check that the website is online twice per minute from different parts of the world, which corresponds to 2880 checks each day.

We make proactive checks and restart attempts in connection with downtime, if it doesn’t work we will contact you.

Velumi Cache

With Velumi Cache automatically enabled in production, you do not need to install any  cache plugins, we automatically cache at server level which means lightning fast response times.

The Velumi cache can be easily handled in the platform.


With our cloud-based global CDN solution, images, css and javascript files are delivered by servers near the visitors, making the website load faster for visitors all over the world.

The CDN cache can be easily managed in the platform.

Automatic updates

We automatically update WordPress and all plugins, which reduces the risk of hacking.

In the platform, you can choose the level of update that the automatic updates should apply. Patch, Minor or Major.

Great developer tools

Manage one or more Wordpress sites easily and efficiently with our smart developer tools.

  • Stage environment

  • Velumi Local

  • Velumi Sync

  • Velumi Blueprints

  • Git deployment

  • SSH access with WP-CLI

  • Billing transfer

Stage environment

With a completely separated stage environment, you can safely try installing or updating a plugin, WordPress or the latest version of PHP without affecting the production environment.

Stage environments are always included in all our packages, contact us to get more free stage environments if needed.

Velumi Local

With Velumi Local, you can easily get started on developing a new or existing WordPress project.

Velumi Local is based on the same technology as in the hosting platform, so you can be sure that everything will work properly when it’s time to go live.

Velumi Sync

With Velumi Sync you can easily sync files and / or database between different environments, from Prod -> Local, Local -> Stage, Stage -> Prod.

Never think of search & replace or slow FTP uploads again.

Velumi Blueprints

Save your themes, plugins and settings in a pre-installed package.

When you create a new website, you have the opportunity to start with one of your existing blueprints.

Git deployment

Connect your Git repository and use webhooks to automatically deploy code

You can choose whether Git should be deployed in a subdirectory or the entire web root, “composer install” runs automatically.

SSH access with WP-CLI

SSH is the best tool for connecting to and editing your websites, use amazing tools like WP-CLI, rsync etc.

If you want to use pipelines to deploy your code, this can be done together with rsync.

Billing transfer

You do not need to ask the customer for any card details, send your customer an invitation to a secure payment form where they can pay quickly and easily.

After the transfer is complete you will still have access to the website in the platform.

Appreciated support

We love to help and share our overall experience of Wordpress development that stretches back to 2003.

Free migration

We help you to move your website to Velumi with all that it entails at no extra cost.

Choose a package and fill in our flexible form and we will move the website, normally within 3 working days.

Expert help for developers

We have worked with WordPress since it was launched in 2003 and built 100’s, probably 1000’s of WordPress websites.

We are happy to share our overall experience with you.

Personal support

Log in to the platform to chat directly with an expert or open a new case.

Our support is normally available between 08-22.

Velumi Space

The best way to manage your WordPress site

Our in-house developed Hosting Management Plattform is built for optmizing and manage your Wordpress site. A wide range of tools are availbile as soon as you log in.

Manage multiple websites easily

Get an overview and work easily with one or more websites in the dashboard

Wordpress Update Center

In WordPress Update Center, you can choose the level of update that the automatic updates should apply to. Patch, Minor or Major and manually update plugins.

Customize your server settings

Change server settings such as. environment variables, GIT, basic Auth and PHP libraries.

Easily sync data between different environments

Use Sync to easily launch a new website or to keep your stage environment updated during development.

What our customer says