For easy website and application development.

Easy hosting management, loved by developers
Built completely in the cloud we’ve created the easiest hosting management platform out there allowing developers  to work more efficient.
– Create and manage hosting projects with ease,
– Save time with tons of tool for efficient website development.

It’s in sync

We’ve built a data synchronizing tool which allows you to easily fetch data between environments. Get all files or content from the production environment to your local environment with one click of a button. It has never been easier to instant fetch data and filesbetween local, stage and production, in any direction.

It’s auto deployed to Git

Add a repository and enable auto-deployment to our environments, easy as that!

SSH Access

SSH is always enabled for your applications. SSH is a secure way to connect to your application to upload files, move files and run commands such as WP-cli, rsync and git.


Free Migrations

Do you think it’s hard to move a site from one server to another? Don’t worry! we’ll do that for you, for free. Just fill our form.

All environments in sync

Local – Stage – Production We’ve built a data synchronization tool that allows you to easily fetch data between environments, in all directions.

Ready to go blueprints

We have created templates optimized for your development. Don’t do the same thing over and over again.

Specialized support for developers

Our support team consists of experienced developers.

Rock Solid Security

Security is managed at server and application level. Updates will be automatically applied to your applications and we regularly update our firewall against common exploits.

SSD Drives

With SSD drives we offer up to 20 times faster I/O transfer than old mechanical drives. Perfect match for WordPress and other PHP applications


Sales Inquiries

Do you have any special requests or requirements? We will help you find a tailored solution.

Support questions

Cant find what you are looking for, or did something not work as expected? Our team of experts is ready to help.

Billing questions

If you have any billing questions please let our finance team know.