Blueprints. Build sites faster.

We just launched a new feature called Blueprints!

Velumi is always trying to develop features that saves time for you as an agency. This feature is a real time saver!

You will now be able to package everything you need to start up a new application. Everything from code to database. Creating a blueprint is the same process as creating a new application.

When you’ve uploaded your code, created your database tables and added example content, you are all set! Next time you start a project you can easily start by creating from your blueprint instead, and voila you are ready to go!

Perfect for your WordPress setup.

When developing WordPress sites this is something for you! Install WordPress, add your core plugins and your core theme, create your standard pages and that’s it. With a click of a button you a have a new application in the exact same build, such a time saver!

Recurring Applications with a breeze!
If you always have the same setup processes when starting a new project, this is the feature for you. Do the setup once, save it and resue it.

Git support – Auto deploy updates to your blueprint.
Of course you can use our auto deployment to maintain and manage the code of your blueprint.


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