The following terms and conditions apply to your participation in the Velumi Affiliate Program. By becoming a participating affiliate you can promote our complete stack of products and recieve commissions as described in the terms and conditions.

1. Participation

Applications to the affiliate program is made online and we will review all applications before deciding if we accept the application or not.

2. Your responsibilities

Contacts and payment: you’re responsible for providing us with accurate information regarding contacts and payment credentials and update these in the Velumi Affiliate Platform when necessary.

Promotions: you’re responsible for keeping a updated list of all locations where you’ve published the affiliation link (URL to Velumi) and if asked for provide Velumi with that list.  Failure to provide accurate information may result in exclusion from the Program and termination of your affliate program.

Refer proper customers: You as a affiliate should do what is possible and act in good faith to only refer customers in good standing. You should never recommend and refer a customer that could result in revenue loss for Velumi.

Marketing: You should never us marketing practices that is or might be unethical or likely to attract customers in bad standing or risk flags.

Use of Velumi content: By becoming a Velumi Affiliate you’re not aloud to use neither rewrite and use any content from or other locations where Velumi publish content.

Law: You agree not to violate any local or global laws regarding the mather.

3. Violation & Termination

If Velumi detects any violation in your affiliate practices that in our opinion violates any aspect of this T&C or in our opinion aint advantageously for Velumi we reserve the right to terminate your affiliate accound and cancel all commissions.

4. Advertising

You should only promote materials given to you by Velumi or approved by Velumi in writing. Approved materials is provided through the advertising area in you account.

You should only do advertising according to the applicable law.

You should never offer cash back to the referred customers.

Never force or “hide” the refferal-links on forums, comments etc.

Never advertise the refferal-link on keywords such as “Velumi” or any keywords similar to.

Never advertise the refferal-link on any website, forum etc. containing explicit, obscene, pornography etc. content. Velumi has the sole right to decide if you promotional method you use is appropriate. The use of advertising methods that we consider not appropriate could result in termination of you account and cancellation of all payments due.

5. Tracking

Velumi Affilliate Program use Tapfiliate ( for all tracking. Velumi takes no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by user behavior like deleting cookies or rewriting cookies. Velumi will do our best to track as many customers as possible in you advance.

6. Commission

Velumi shall pay commissions only for valid sales referred by you to Velumi. Velumi has the sole right to decide if a sale is valid or not. Only sales after your account is approved by Velumi and before any termination of your account will be accounted for. Commissions will be payed when a domain points to the hosting solution, this is for violation and fraud termination. Commissions will only be payed when the customer has fulfilled payments to Velumi.

 7. Invoicing 

Velumi shall provide you with a commission statement according to the agreement. Usually quarterly. You should send an invoice to Velumi prior to 20 days after the statement is sent to you. The invoice due date should be at least 30 days after the billing date.

8. Relationship

Velumi and the Affiliate agree to enter this agreement as independent contractors and nothing in this agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, employment, franchise between the parties. As a affiliate you shall never speak for Velumi in any case.

9. Account

You can terminate your account at any time by contacting us trough email ( and we will confirm to your email address.

Velumi can terminate your account at any time with a 10-day notice, without any explanation. Velumi can terminate your account immediately if we detects any violation with this agreement or with the law.

In case of termination the affiliate should remove all promotional materials used by the affiliate to promote Velumi. After the termination the affiliate has no right to use any material or copyrighted graphics provided in the affiliate accound. In case of termination of the account all other agreements should be considered terminated.

10. Liability

You agree that you will not under any circumstances hold us or our licensors, agents, empoyees or other parties connected with Velumi liable for any lost profit, missed cost savings, revenue loss, data loss or any other loss or damages not handled by applicable laws. Even if Velumi agrees to settle with you, or in any other way settle with you, the settling amount should never be greater than the commission payments, made to you, for the last 30 days prior to the settlement date.

11. Law

Any claim arising under this agreement shall be resolved in Sweden where Velumi is located.

12. Changes to terms and conditions

Velumi may make changes or documents incorporated into this agreement by reference. When this agreement is changed you will get a email notice. If you do not agree to any amendments you must terminate your account within 15 days from the date of notice; or contact Velumi. Only officers of Velumi can make changes to this agreement.


If you have any questions regarding the Velumi Affiliate Program, don’t hesitate to contact our team.