About us

Velumi was created to simplify the challenges of running a web agency and to deliver a world-class hosting solution.

Velumi was born in 2015 when we were looking for a solid hosting partner for the marketing tech company we all worked for. We were looking for a solution that was top notch for our customers but also had tools and support for our developers. We didn’t find any, so we started Velumi.

Our promises to:

Website owners

We strive to always deliver the best solution for WordPress Hosting. Best we measure in:

  • Speed – is it lightning fast?
  • Security – Are our clients’ sites protected at a high level?
  • Reliability and customer satisfaction: Do our customers feel secure with our solution and are they impressed with our service level?

Developers and agency partners

We will work actively to create tools and workflows that developers want and that save them time and energy so they can focus on building the best WordPress sites instead of inventing the wheel or solving unnecessary problems.

Lightning fast

As the end users becomes more and more demanding, the websites need to load faster and faster, which is our highest priority.

High security

Hackers have always been around and most hacking is done to “boast” for other hackers. This is done without regard to the fact that it affects a company. The development of our hosting solution and our tools always have security in mind.

Everything your agency needs around hosting

We have worked with WordPress since it was launched in 2003 and built 100’s, probably 1000’s of WordPress websites. As a hosting partner, we want to share our overall experience with others.

What our customer says