Incredibly fast

Get impressive load times for your website, backed by Google Cloud Platform. You do not need to configure anything yourself.

Free CDN + Velumi cache

Easily add CDN to your website, you do not need to install any cache plugin either, we have it built-in, on the server level.

Free SSL certificate

Don’t worry about adding SSL certificates (https) to your site. With a click of a button you have it activated with us, for free!

Security against all hackers

We keep your site as safe as possible against hackers and spam, but if the accident occurs, we fix it free of charge.

Staging environment for each website

Test changes and updates before launching them, we always include a staging environment for each website.

Powerful tools for developers

Tools designed to streamline your everyday life as a developer. Use Blueprints, SSH, Git, WP-Cli and much more.

A fast website generates more customers

50% of your visitors expect your page to load under 2 seconds *. Speed is an incredibly important component to acquire more visitors and keep them engaged.

We have an average speed of 0.266 seconds**, we guarantee that your website will run as fast as it can if it is with us.

** This is how we did the tests

Optimized for search engines

With our hosting solution for WordPress, we give your website the best opportunity to perform on top of the search engines. We have optimized our servers to the max so you don’t have to. Google loves fast websites and fast websites is our top priority. ** This is how we did the tests

Invite developers

You can easily invite your developers to get started and work on your website. We have a really good toolbox for your developers that makes building your site more efficient. Save both time and money with Velumi.


Every day we make a backup of all your files and your entire database, you can go up to 30 days back. You can also create your own backup before making any changes.

Support from real humans

Our support team cares about your problems and works efficiently to help you find the right solution. If something goes wrong we’re here, also if you need advice or have thoughts about your website. Read more


From smaller websites to traffic-heavy and complex wordpress solutions, we have a package and a price plan. If you don’t find something that suits you, contact us and we will create a solution just for your needs.


from 24 $ / mo


from 41 $ / mo


from 57,5 $ / mo


from 75 $ / mo


from 104 $ / mo


from 150 $ / mo



You are in good company!

Reviews from successful companies, creative agencies and great developers.

“Great service, responds immediately if you need help with anything. A very good backup system and the page speed are fantastic. Velumi is highly recommended!”

Kicki Bental, Founder

Hjalmar & Company

“We recommend all our customers and partners to choose Velumi for their hosting needs. The demand for high-speed hosting, stability, and security on the web is constantly growing. Velumi checks the needs that exist around a website and has a very competent team, helpful support and offers tailor-made packages for all types of websites. The choice is simple!”

Markus Dahlgren, Founder


“Since a couple of years back, Velumi has hosted our website through their hosting solution, it has been a great experience. Our site is really fast and can handle our traffic peaks in the summer very well. It feels safe and even the spam forms have decreased drastically.”

Jonas Sjöqvist Grandt

Hooks Herrgård

“The overview of our projects is clearer and our clients’ websites loads faster than ever. It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional website or an e-commerce site, with Velumi’s optimized solution it just works. When you build many websites every year, it is nice that you can quickly set up a new development environment – something both our staff and our customers appreciate!”

Tomas Bergstroem, Founder

Hjalmar & Company

Move to us for free

If you already have a website or are about to create a new one, we will help you with the setup for free. Our relocation team will contact you directly and go through the entire process. We take care of everything!

+ Read more about our relocation service