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Set up new projects with an ease and work seamlessly between your local servers (Velumi Local), the stage servers and the lightning fast production servers. On top we offer an specialized support for developers.

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Lightning fast deployment

Deploy by simply pushing your latest release to Github or Bitbucket. We provide free staging environments for every project for safe testing and shorter feedback loops. Never touch an FTP client again, unless you really want to.

Lightning fast hosting

We love infrastructure so you don't have to. Our curated technology stack is always evolving to ensure your sites always beat the speed demands of today.

Set up projects in seconds from your browser

With the Velumi Platform you can choose to work in three steps. Local with our own local solution in your browser, Stage servers for feedback loops and testing and then lightning fast Production servers when you're work is ready to meet the world. Everything is done in your browser.

  1. Create local environment
  2. Deploy to stage site
  3. Launch your project


Up, down, left, right

We built a data synchronizing tool that lets to easily fetch data between environments. Get all files or content from the production to your local environment with one click of a button. It’s never been easier to instant fetch data and files between local, stage and production.


Our way of thinking

When you have a lightning symbol in your logo you can’t take speed as a serious issue. We understand that in order to get visitor loyal and stay, speed is the first thing! With our unique system architecture, we deliver a first-class speed experience. The utilization of Docker and containerized setup we can be extremely flexible and be first hand on updates, patches and optimization. We will never stop chasing nano seconds.


Local environment at a breeze

With our interface you can with a simple click of a button get an optimized local environment. Our local agent will handle everything for you, no need for LAMP WAMP etc. installed at your OS. We utilize the power of Docker that can handle multiple different environment tailored for your need without contaminating your own OS. If you are jumping in to an existing project you can just clone the staging environment (and its server settings) to your computer and have an environment with a fresh copy of content and files in minutes.

  • We handle the Git setup

    You can connect your Bitbucket and GitHub account to easily create repository directly from our interface.

  • Specialized support for developers

    We work exclusively with agencies and our support team consists of experienced developers.

  • Stage domains

    Setup stage domains with a wildcard subdomain in seconds.

  • Get revenue share

    As a Velumi partner you'll take part in our attractive revenue share program.

  • Localhost no more

    With our interface you can with a simple click of a button get an optimized local environment.

  • Ready to use templates

    We have created templates optimized for your development. Don’t do the same thing over and over again.

  • Backups

    Did something crash the site? You can always, with the click of a button, restore your database and files up to 7 days.

  • Uptime checks

    We not only have a 24/7 monitor and health checks on the servers but even have uptime checks on your site. We do checks every 10 minutes to see that your site live.

  • Free SSL with Let's Encrypt

    Every website hosted by Velumi will, thanks to Let's Encrypt, have SSL certificate, no extra charge.


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