Blueprints scale down production hours and maintain or improve the final product.

When you have a setup with all your favorite settings that you use in project after project, you can save just that snapshot in your blueprints at the click of a button. When you start the next project and want to start exactly in that mode, install your blueprint just as easily.

In our platform, you can have many blueprints saved , or you can develop an existing blueprint as new favorite plugins or settings emerge.

Some of our partners (web agencies) working with Velumi Blueprints have saved 30-50% of the time it takes to reach the end of a new web project.

Never forget an important setting again

When you do many projects, it is easy to forget the most basic settings when the goal, to make a great website, herons. With well-created blueprints, this is already done when you start. Never miss the basics again and increase your security against customers again.

Need help getting started?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you get started with blueprints-based production 🙂