The digital agency Brandson was in search of a partner that could deliver a whole range of hosting and security solutions.

Fredrik Montell – April 12, 2019

Velumi delivers a comprehensive solution for fast and secure hosting as well as a smooth interface for streamlining web agencies’ working methods for web development. We have asked one of our agency partners Brandson and Brandson’s clients what it is like to have Velumi as their hosting partner.

“Before we started our collaboration with Velumi, we had a few customers’ web pages on a server while many were scattered at various hosting providers.”

Like many other agencies, Brandson also had a mix of hosting solutions. Some people recommended themselves and many who were inherited by their customers’ previous choices. In combination with more and more customers demanding faster sites and more secure hosting, Google also made speed and accessibility an increasingly important ranking parameter. With Velumi, Brandson was able to get ONE partner to turn to and ONE system to develop all-new web pages in.

“The best part is that everything about development, launches etc. feels more efficient now that we always know where and how to set up the hosting for our customers. It is also invaluable to have a knowledgeable partner to get help when advanced technical issues arise.”

– Martin Alversjö, WordPress + Frontend-developer at Brandson

At Brandson, Velumi’s solution for synchronization is seen as unique and the absolute best feature.

When asked what function is most appreciated, Brandson’s developers replied simultaneously: “Without a doubt, it is the synchronization solution that allows us to easily set up a local environment, send up a demo / stage environment to show the customer our product and then launch with the push of a button. To avoid database exports and to avoid thinking about “search and replace” is also a memory only. “

In second place is mentioned the function “Blueprints” where Brandson can start a new project (new server, new WordPress installation, theme etc.) containing all the presets they usually want in their projects. All to streamline everyday life as a web developer.

Official partner and white label at the same time.

Velumi doesn’t care if the agency partner wants to create their own service and bill their customers or if they want Velumi’s smart card payment or billing feature to do the job. “We have seen that several agencies choose to combine the hosting solution with other services, such as updating WordPress cores and plugins on an ongoing basis, thus selling a monthly subscription,” says Velumi’s sales manager. This is also one of the reasons why we built our own sophisticated and easy-to-use WordPress Update Center in our platform, ”continues Daniel Angvik.

It must go fast -Today the internet user expects and accepts nothing else.

We have put a lot of time into making our solution the fastest in the class without compromising on security and important peripheral services, says Erik Larsson, who is responsible for Velumi’s platform. Speed is something that Brandson’s customers also testify to.

“Because the hosting is fast and reliable, we only receive positive feedback from our customers who experience their site both fast and accessible.”

Professional hosting affects Google ranking in the right direction

Google has previously announced that speed will be important if you want your website to be at the top of the results. Google, like us, wants to provide visitors with a fast and frictionless experience online. Brandson has one of the country’s leading search engine optimization teams and they have seen positive effects as customers’ websites move to Velumi’s solution.

Want to know more about how Brandson and other agencies use Velumi as a hosting partner?

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