We think hosting and page speed in general should be getting more attention.

Fredrik Montell – October 29, 2018

We’ve seen it over and over again. Great companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on new websites, paying the best creatives in the business to give them the edge they need to compete in their market. They put in months of work, creating stunning, innovative experiences that forever change the way we see websites. And then, when it’s ready to meet the world and go live, they publish the website on a server. But if you ask them where they published the website? They don’t have a clue. But hey, it’s out there. Is “out there” enough? We don’t think so.

Slow speed hurts marketing results

If you take online marketing and your brand seriously, you have to take the hosting and speed question seriously. Google loves fast websites and will prioritize them in search results. People also love fast websites and are many times more likely to stay longer and make a purchase or reach out to the company on a fast site. Despite all this, the question of hosting and speed is often a low priority and sometimes never discussed at all.

We want to make you look good

Our mission is to help agencies understand the benefits of great hosting and high-speed websites. We know that both will impress clients and help the agency reach a new level of professionalism. We also know that it feels good to help create a faster internet, site by site. #joinvelumi

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