Why you should choose Velumi as your hosting partner

Fredrik Montell – November 1, 2018

All you need. One platform.

The Velumi platform combines great power from global powerhouses, like Amazon and Digital Ocean, with security, monitoring, statistics, and other professional services—always top-quality. Velumi provides all you need to set up, develop, and maintain web projects with no hassle.

We recommend that you use our:

for all your projects, but you’re free to use only our stage and production environment and push your code trough the SFTP solution of your choice.

We come in the disguise of your choice

Tell the world that you have a true partner for hosting and speed!


Choose “paid by agency” and charge the client yourself to make an extra markup or create a white-label brand of your own. Either way you’ll still have our revenue share benefits.

Specialized support for developers

Our support team consists of experienced developers you’ll be glad have by your side throughout your projects, especially when it comes to hosting or, even more important, speed!

We could go on for hours, but we’d rather talk about your needs now. Please contact us for more information.

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